Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: Sage - Sara Schoen


Review: Sage- Book #2 The Outsiders Series - Sara Schoen - May 2018

After reading Rose and loving it, I was eager to read the next in the series "Sage" which was told from Sage's POV. For those who have read Rose, you will remember her mentioning how her older sister Sage was in prison and getting out soon as Rose's ex-friend Bailey - an outsider had dobbed her family into the authorities after their parents vanished. We did get a little more insight to their parents but am hoping that possibly in Violet's story we will truly discover where their parents disappeared too and what happened to them. In Sage's story - Sage is finally being released from prison and is being sent to a halfway house. As her record is sealed, she can start a new life for herself and eventually build a family for her and her sisters Rose and Violet. Sage will discover though that Rose and Violet are happy with the Williams and that they want Sage to join their new family. Sage is angry as she feels that they are turning their backs on her and everything she did for them - she spent most of her youth in juvie because of them.  Sage starts a new job as part of her rehab requirement and gets a blast from the past as one of the employees is Seth - a guy from her old life pre-juvie and someone she loved and cared for.  All he knows about Sage is that she struggled and was there one day and disappeared the next. What will happen when he discovers the truth of where she has been the past three-four years? Can Sage be the strong one and reinvent her life one more time or is she a broken shell of her former self? Find out in Book #2 Sage in The Outsider Series. I have to admit, what Sage did for her sisters got me thinking about things and what I would do if I was in that situation and I would hope that I would have the courage to do exactly what Sage did to keep us together, no matter what the consequences.

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