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Review: Fix Her Up - Carey Heywood

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Fix Her Up (The Fix, #1)

Review: Fix Her Up - Book #1 The Fix Series - Carey Heywood - May 2017
Finley thought that her life would be an HEA but turned out she had married a cheating scoundrel, and now she is freshly divorced and sold everything and is headed to a small town to start fresh. What better way to start anew, than in a house that she has fixed up herself in New Hampshire. Finley had the house inspected and told it's foundation was fine and the house ready to move into, and she brought it in cash over the phone from the town's real estate agent Ashley Thompson. Ashley takes a look at the house and knows that Finley is in for a big challenge and what better person to help Finley than her older brother Noah Thompson. When it comes to DIY, Noah is your guy, and when he meets Finley, there is a spark, and he finds himself using any excuse he can to be around her. Though Finley isn't ready for dating, Noah will be patient as he knows she is his "One." What will happen though when Noah and Finley finally decide to make something out of their friendship, and her ex-husband comes to New Hampshire wanting Finley back? Will Finley be strong enough to tell her ex to leave her alone and is she ready to move forward with Noah? Find out in Fix Her Up by Carey Heywood - a sweet DIY Fixer-Upper Romance. I really loved the Thompson family and thought it was pretty cool that Carey Heywood has made them all work in similar fields that either overlap or can rely on one another as it makes them feel like a very close-knit family which is awesome to read as it gives the story more of a homely and happy feel to it.  I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the series and getting to know the other Thompson siblings and their chances of getting their own HEA’s.

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