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Review: Make Me A Good Girl, Daddy - Electra King

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Make Me A Good Girl, Daddy: A BDSM Professor/Student Spanking Taboo Erotica

Review: Make Me a Good Girl, Daddy - Electra King - January 2017

Every now and again as a reader, we like to read something smutty and quick. It is often the book equivalent of a quickie. Make Me a Good Girl, Daddy by Electra King is a freebie I got from Amazon and had on my Kindle for a while. Lying sick in bed, I decided to give it a read, and for a smutty book, it wasn't too bad. I love Professor/Student books, so this was why this was on my list. Emma is 21 years old and in university, she goes to her professor's office and her professor is in his mid 30's. She confesses to her professor that she cheated on her boyfriend at a Phi Alpha Phi party and now she doesn't know what to do. Of course, the professor wants her, and so he proceeds to offer her a spanking and a quickie as punishment which is what you expect in this smutty read. What I didn't like was two things, in particular, I hate the word "daddy" as a kink it makes me cringe and the fact that she told the professor repeatedly not to cum inside of her, but he ignored it and did otherwise. It would have been ok in my mind if she was single, but she wasn't at this point. Overall, if you need or in the mood for smut read, then check out Make Me a Good Girl, Daddy by Electra King.

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