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Review: The Secret History of Us - Jessi Kirby

The Secret History of Us

Review: The Secret History of Us - Jessi Kirby - August 2017
As readers, we all have our list of favorite tropes and themes that we love reading about, for me one of those is Amnesia stories. That is what drew me to Jessi Kirby's The Secret of Us. The book starts off with Olivia being pulled out of the water by Walker James and given CPR as she was found with no pulse. She is then rushed to the hospital where she has been in a coma. Olivia or Liv to her friends wakes up and discovers that the last four-five years of her life has vanished. She has just graduated high school and turned 18, but the last thing she remembers is about to start High school and turning 14 years old. Olivia upon waking up is also about to learn she has changed quite drastically, the biggest being that she is no longer best friends with Jules - a childhood friend and that she has a boyfriend, Matt for the past two years. Another big thing is that once she was addicted to her camera and the last few years she hasn't been take photos which were once her passion. Over the next course of the novel, Olivia will start to try and learn what she was doing before the accident and what caused the accident. Will she in doing so, like the person she has become or has this opportunity given Oliva the chance to re-do the past five years of her life and become a better person in the process? I was a tad disappointed in the ending of this book as I felt that we needed a bit more of the story with Walker and I felt that Olivia's interaction before her accident with Walker was rushed. Overall if you are in the mood for a YA Amnesiac mystery, then check out "The Secret History of Us" by Jessi Kirby.

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