Monday, April 23, 2018

Review: Lost - Sara Schoen


Review: Lost - Escape from Reality Series - Sara Schoen - June 2018

A series that I have been enjoying is the Escape from Reality series, set in the small town of Escape, Colorado. Sara Schoen's story takes a different spin on the other books in this series as it has a supernatural/paranormal theme. Ash Carson has moved to Escape to get away from her previous life and start fresh like most people who find themselves in Escape. She has gotten a job working as a park ranger, and it looks like she might have a love interest in co-worker Forrester. Forrester is obsessed with ghost stories and has been telling Ash all the ones featuring the Stillwater Hospital and a small ghost town called Dark Hollow. When a hiker goes missing, the pair split up, and Ash hears a voice. Believing that it is Chip, she moves closer only to find herself staring at an old ghost town. Somehow Ash has stumbled upon the town of Dark Hollow, a town cursed by someone called The Shadow Lady who legend says lost someone she loved during the TB incident. To leave the town, you must pass and confront all your fears, which for Ash includes the one she has been running from.  Can Forrester save Ash and bring her back to reality or will Ash become another statistic of missing persons - lost forever in Dark Hollow? 
Find out in Lost - the newest book in the Escape From Reality series by Sara Schoen.

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