Wednesday, April 18, 2018

VBT# With Love , Ella - Alexa Randolph

With Love, Ella

Review: With Love , Ella - Alexa Randolph - December 2017

Ella Chambers is living the time of her life, working with her mother as a party planner and doing her best to one day take over the company, she is also engaged to Daniel Collins - her football superstar and boyfriend of two years. She is living the life and with being only twenty-six, she imagines she has her whole life ahead of her. That is until she starts to feel ill and goes for some tests. Ella is told she has Cancer. How can this be, how could she get Cancer when she has her whole life ahead of her? The next part of the book has Ella going back and forth with chemotherapy and cancer treatments; we have a little spark of hope moment when it seems that she is in remission. However, we know that Cancer is one illness that is hard to shake off and that once you have had it, it can come back and hit you harder than before. Soon Ella is told she only has six months to live and so she begins to write her loved ones all letters. This part was where you would need tissues as if you are like me; my eyes started to well up with tears. Was a PS I Love You type moment. The book then ends five years later from Daniel's POV and at this moment, though he has moved on - you could tell he loved and will always love Ella.  If you are in the mood for a romantic read with tissues required, then check out Alexa Randolph's "With Love, Ella" today.

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