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Review: Lumberjanes - Volume #3 - A Terrible Plan

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Lumberjanes, Vol. 3: A Terrible Plan

Review: Lumberjanes - Volume #3 - A Terrible Plan - Noelle Stevenson - April 2016

In this volume of Lumberjanes, we read and see the development of the characters Mal and  Mol as they go on their first date - a picnic in the forest. Of course though, the picnic turns out to be anything but normal which for a Lumberjane is a normal day as they follow the Bear Woman into a portaloo portal and are transported to a supernatural world full of dinosaurs and other strange creatures as they are on a mission to help get back the Bear Women's glasses. Can they save the day and find their way back to camp? This part of the story helped cement Molly's relationship with the Bear Woman as the portals come back in a later volume. Whereas back in the Camp Lumberjane world, April decides that it's time that they start earning "real badges" instead of doing all the supernatural work. April enlists the others to help try and earn "real badges' for their sashes but of course turns out harder than it looks. It seems that Jen's cabin may be suited to saving the world the Supernatural way rather than being an Actual "Girl Scout" type of Lumberjane. I have to admit though that this wasn't one of my favorite volumes as I prefer the ones where they are all together as their personalities blend well together rather than when they are individuals and off on their tangents and paths.

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