Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: You Won't Know I'm Gone - Kristen Orlando

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You Won't Know I'm Gone (The Black Angel Chronicles #2)

Review: You Won't Know I'm Gone - Book #2 The Black Angel Chronicles - Kristen Orlando - January 2018
Growing up Reagan Hillis knew one thing, that she was meant to be part of The Black Angels and that she was a shoo-in after finishing school. When other parents talked about the school to their children, they used Reagan as an example. That was until last year when Reagan made the decision she wanted to be normal, and then her parents were kidnapped, and she was thrust into the world of The Black Angels. She found her parents half-dead and then in front of her; her mother was shot dead. Now back at the Black Angel Academy, they are blaming Reagan for her mother's death, and now her career with the Black Angels is hanging on a thread. If Reagan wants back in, she now has to compete with the other trainees, and after the last few months she has had, she isn't up to speed and is a shadow of her former self. What will happen though when she discovers that the guy Torres who killed her mother is still out there and slowly killing off agents until he can have his ideal target - Reagan. Reagan has never worked well as a team member which is why she is the perfect person to go after Santino Torres, but what will happen when her new friends don't let her go without them? Can she use them to help her find and kill Santino Torres once and for all? Is Reagan willing to give up her spot in The Black Angels for one last shot at Torres? Find out in Swoon Romance's Book #2 of The Black Angel Chronicles by Kristen Orlando.

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