Monday, April 30, 2018

Review: Rumors - Emerson and Ryder - Rachael Brownell

Rumors: Emerson & Ryder

Review: Rumors - Emerson and Ryder - Book #1 Rumors Series - Rachael Brownell - March 2018

Emerson Hastings studied her way through college and left with a degree in Advertising, but unlike her college boyfriend Ian, she wasn't offered a job straight out of college. In fact, Emerson has struggled to find a position in Advertising where she can shine. That is until she takes a starting position as an EA to Ryder Dixon for his family's advertising and marketing company Dixon Advertising. Ryder Dixon is in charge of Creative Marketing section. Emerson sees this job as a foot in the door to prove her worth to the company. However, it may be bad timing for Emerson as she has arrived the week, when her boss is announced to be getting divorced from his cheating wife, Megan. During her next few weeks at Dixon, there will be rumors flying around that she is sleeping with her boss Ryder. Rumors that will reach her current boyfriend Ian and be the final notch in their relationship as Emerson finally gets the guts to leave Ian and his negative backside behind. This part made me feel proud of Emerson's character as she was able to muster the guts to leave Ian and venture out on her own per se, which is something she should have done. Despite the rumors flying, we see sparks fly between Emerson and Ryder and eventually will the pair get their HEA and will Emerson finally get the job she deserves and knows very well she can handle? If you are used to working in an office and with women, then you will know what it's like being filled with rumors. This series is for anyone who has ever worked in Gossip central.

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