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Review: Stolen Kisses - Kerttu-Liss Kiili

Stolen Kisses

Review: Stolen Kisses - Kerttu-Liis Kiili - January 2017
Ella Perry has two obsessions - one her lip balm collection and the other is hating Seth Lee. He is her arch nemesis and the bane of her existence. He is the guy that all the girls want in her high school but Seth Lee only has eyes for one girl, and that's Ella. It would be ok if Ella only ever saw him at school, but the thing is Seth is best friend's with Ella's brother, and he is also currently living at their house as he has some family issues that need to be worked out. During the book, we learn that Seth's hot and funny side is a facade as deep down he is hurting as his family life is a mess. He is the son of two drug addicts, and Seth must get their fix, or else consequences happen, and the ones he loves will get hurt or worst killed as it has happened before. Now as Seth finds himself falling harder for Ella, he is also trying to protect her but Ella is the type of girl who wants to stand by her man in thick and thin, and if there's a problem, she wants to help no matter the consequences. During the book, Ella will discover that people aren't all they seem and that sometimes the ones you thought you could trust - you really can't, and the ones people say are bad influences are some of the most caring around. Can Seth prove to Ella that he wants to be worthy of her and that no matter what the future brings, he will always fight for her?  If you are in the mood for a good edgy Teen Romantic read, then check out Stolen Kisses by Kerttu-Liis Kiili today.

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