Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angel's Blood : A Guild Hunter Novel

Are you sick of Vampire novels , how about if we chuck in a taste of Vampire Hunters and Archangels ?

Review: Angel's Blood - A Guild Hunter Novel - Nalini Singh-2010

Wanting a novel that has that sense of Gothicness, Romance and Action-Packed with a hint of Fun and Sexiness ?
Then Angel's Blood , the first book in the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh is right for you.

Meet Elena Deveraux , I think I've been watching too much Vampire Diaries ,either that or reading too many Kelley Armstrong books as both their main female characters are called Elena. Elena Deveraux is a Vampire Hunter , she's the best at what she does and has been rewarded greatly for it. When a job comes up at the Guild and the request is for Elena , she readily accepts but is Elena over her head with this job as she soon realises it involves working for the Archangel Raphael whose known for his brutal displays of punishment if they fail. Elena is hired to capture an Archangel whom has gone rogue - the archangel Uram. Can Elena capture the Archangel without putting herself in danger and those she cares most for ? Is that sparks or the Archangel Raphael's powers that she feels -those electric buzzers? . When tragedy arises in Angel's Blood , is this the last of the great Elena Deveraux or is their something that Raphael can do to save her without Elena turning into the creatures she most detests in the world - Vampires.

Find out in this fun and racy book by Nalini Singh -Angel's Blood and readers keep your eyes peeled for book two which flies off where this one landed "Archangel's Kiss.

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