Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Web of Lies

Ever thought that when you lie , how easy it is to become tangled up in such a web of deceit and that no matter how hard you try to untangle it , it only gets worse.

Review : Deceit - Brandilyn Collins-2010

When you live in a small town and you have given so much to the community, it's no wonder that the townspeople think that the sun shines out of your booty and that you can do no wrong. For Baxter Johnson, he's that guy , the one everyone worships and adores, he's the kind of guy whom everyone will stand up for and when you don't the whole community will turn on you. Meet Skip Tracer Joanne Weeks, she's that girl -the one who doesn't see the right in Baxter . After his second wife is found dead , Joanne thinks this is more than a coincidence as seven years ago , his first wife Linda and Joanne's best friend disappeared from the face of the earth. Desperate to put Baxter in his place and for her friend Linda's body to be found , with the help of a mysterious tipper Joanne goes on the hunt for a former resident of the Baxter House Melissa whom knows more than she is letting on. If only this was an easy task, with somebody after Joanne , someone who doesn't want the truth to be revealed. Can Joanne find Linda's body and get the killer behind bars before she is the next one to be buried and murdered?.
Find out in this thrilling Christian Fiction Murder Mystery written by one of my favourite Christian Thriller writers Brandilyn Collins.

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