Friday, July 30, 2010

FallOut - GJ Moffat

"You can't always protect the ones you love , sometimes you have to make a choice"

Review: Fallout - GJ Moffat -2010

Starting off a few months where the first book "Daisy Chain" finished , Logan has settled into a routine and family life with his new found daughter Ellie , he has met someone new and is dating DI Rebecca Irvine and life is starting to look up for them all. Until tragedy hits , starting with Rebecca meeting her old ex Rockstar Roddy at his concert and Logan's friend Alex doing a celebrity protection job. Somebody has been following Logan carefully and wants him dead and not only Logan but those around him whom he cares for . When celebrity singer Roddy is killed , Rebecca seems to be the number one suspect unfortunately the people who killed him are after her and want the job finished. Can Rebecca solve the murder of Roddy before the next grave they will be digging and placing a tombstone on is hers ? When the celebrity protection job turns sour and it blows up in their face literally , is Alex guilty or is has he been played ?. When Ellie is kidnapped , Logan must decide in a tales of events that play out like Russian Roulette , what to him is the most important thing in his life . His friends , His Lover or his Daughter ?
A fast-paced , action thriller and assassin novel that will keep you entranced to find out who is behind the kills and how each storyline intertwines with each other.

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