Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kiss of Death - PD Martin

Vampires , we all in some way enjoy them -well most of us anyway. Whether it be through Twilight with Edward and Bella or even Vampire Diaries with the lovely Stefan and cute brother Damon. Or are you a fan of Underworld Trilogy or Blade . or do you prefer the original Interview with a Vampire and Classic Lost Boys . Are you even a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series , what about a Vampire PI with Moonlight and the handsome Mick St.John. Wherever we look , our world be it tv. movies or even books are going through a Vampire craze as whether the authors and public like to admit it or not , that is what is selling millions of copies of books.

So it is not uncommon , that even our myster" novels have decided to use the spin of Vampires throughout their plot. Today's review is from one of my favourite mystery authors known only as PD Martin. PD Martin hails from Australia , which is across the ditch from lil ol NZ. Her books have been described as "Silence of the Lambs meets Medium". A Movie and a TV Series that I love (I own all 4 seasons of Medium on DVD and have the 5th on Pre-order).

Kiss of Death - PD Martin -2010

"Soon I hear the footsteps again. Definitely more than one set. I push myself harder, run harder. I glance back, hoping they’re further away than they sound. But they’re closer. Suddenly I come to an abrupt stop, slamming into something. I fall backwards and look up. His face is in shadows, but I can see glistening white teeth as he smiles"

Kiss of Death starts like the majority of PD Martin's with FBI Profiler Sophie Anderson having a Medium moment , where she dreams of an incident that may or may not have happened exactly like her dream. However like Medium , her dreams are not known to everyone. Falling asleep to Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Sophie has Vampires on her mind and shrugs her dream to too much Buffy and Angel marathons. Unbeknownst to her , the next morning she is called to a crime scene -the vic has two little punctures in her next -that slightly resemble foul play of Fangs . Is this just a straightforward murder case or is it about to spark rumours that Vampires are living in LA ? . Now Sophie with a list of suspects must go undercover into the Vampire scene specifically a group called After Dark whom believe they are really Vampires. Their leader Anton Ward is a hottie and Sophie is drawn to him , can Sophie prove his innocence or guiltiness and not let her feelings cloud her judgement and what about Darren ? . Is this the moment that Sophie has been given to look over her relationships and is Darren the guy she is supposed to be ?. For an excellent story of murder , mystery, vampires and a hint of romance , try Kiss of Death. Excellent for fans of the TV Show Medium as I found a few similarities between the show and underlining storyline.

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