Monday, July 26, 2010

Innocence : The Absence of Guilt

If someone committed a crime , could you tell whether they were innocent or not? What if you knew them so well and knew that they could never commit such a crime? would you represent them as their friend as their lawyer , somebody they could trust and use?

The Accused -Mark Gimenez-2010

For A.Scott Feeney , his life the past twenty-two months and eight days have been the worst. Trying to reclaim his life after his wife walked out on him and his daughters and moved in with famous golfer Trey Rawlins . In this novel, he seems the equivalent of Tiger Woods- affairs and his golfing. One morning, Rebecca wakes up drenched in blood, next to his Trey Rawlins stabbed to death and Rebecca having no other suspects ,is their number one murderer. One Phone call to A.Scott , their first contact since they parted ways "Help Me Please". As the mother of his daughter and the fact they were married for Eleven years, A.Scott rushes to her side as her lawyer. What follows, is a court-case filled with ups and downs as Rebecca and A.Scott fight to clear her of the Murder charges. However,this book presents us with a huge twist near the end that I didn't even except making the story one step better than at first.
Author Mark Gimenez is said to be the next John Grisham , in a personal opinion I will say look out for his legal thrillers as they will keep you entranched till the turning of the last page.

Other Books By Mark Gimenez:
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