Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keys to the Repository - Melissa De La Cruz -2010

Hey all , with the rise of Vampire Books becoming popular . It is not that suprising that our teen writers are developing their own series of Vampire Novels. Today's review is the Companion Guide to the series "Blue Bloods" by Melissa De La Cruz , most famous for her teen nannying series "The Au Pairs".

The Keys to the Repository - Melissa De La Cruz - July 2010
Have you ever wondered the secrets of the characters, what they were like in past lives and bits and bobs of their inner lives. With "Keys of the Repository" by Melissa De La Cruz , I bring you a companion guide to the series where you can yourself delve into the secrets of the main characters and discover the stories that lay behind why Melissa wrote the books in the series. The "Keys to the Repository" are also filled with short stories, letters and journal entries - all dating back in time to the very beginning from Luicfer's fall to the colonies of Silver and Blue Bloods and the newly created Red Bloods.

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