Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spotlight- Ilana Fox -2010

Spotlight- Ilana Fox-2010

In America Madison Miller had a dream to become a famous singer and she
was going to do all that she could to make it happen. Starting off in an
Exotic Strip Club, Madison meets Beau Silverman- record manager of Slade.From this moment he offers her a sweet deal and the chance for all her dreams to come true and become "the girl in the Spotlight". After a series of events , Madison realises that being famous has its price and it is now up to her to make the decision of a lifetime , Is it really worth it all to be famous?. Across the Ditch in the UK is Jess Piper, in a dead-end job
as an assistant fashion writer for the Daily World. Jess dreams of
becoming a famous Fashion Designer, on a whim she jets to New York where she meets Beau, who also offers Jess the chance at her dream. But as Jess gets sucked in deeper into his world, can Jess escape before it consumes her. When Jess and Madison meet it's like looking at Twins , can these girls though turned against each other by Beau, form a bond to get out together before both their lives are ruined. If you enjoyed this, then check out her first book "The Making of Mia".

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