Thursday, December 3, 2015

VBT# Nashville Nights Boxed Set - Stacey Mosteller

As soon as I saw the words Nashville , I knew I was going to have to read this as I am such a country and western fan and I love the whole idea of Nashville and even more so now, since I got to visit and spend a couple of days in Downtown Nashville in Dec 2013. I loved it and just wish I could've spent a little bit longer and maybe caught an actual concert. We almost did, but this was when America had their freak snowstorm - so that threw our plans out the window a bit. The Nashville Nights Collection hosts the first Five books of the Nashville Nights series where eventually their will be Eight books and also a Novella story which as I felt the story was a bit out of place with the rest of the series, I am thinking it may be part of her new upcoming series Nashville U with Book #1 Looking for Trouble.
The first book was Save Me From Myself which we met Lyric Hayes who discovered her boyfriend Matt cheating on her and this was her last straw , so she decides to up and leave and move to Nashville and stay with her best friend Anna. Reading about Lyric's past we can gather that Matt is a complete jerk and that her mother isn't any better. Lyric moves to Nashville and meets the "Hottie Bartender" aka David Pearson , the pair take things slow as they are both battling past demons as David's parents passed away and now he is raising his sister Sarabeth aka SB. I really liked the character of David as he didn't judge Lyric and stood by her as much as he could and anyone who would knockout a guy for making a girl cry, is a must-have in my books.
The next story was the Novella "Never Wanted More" which featured Peyton who was starting college at Nashville University. Peyton comes from the world of Money and status , but is trying to find her own way in the world and find her own happiness . Wyatt is one of those guys who has had to work hard for where he has gotten too and never had a silver spoon in his mouth. Can Wyatt show Peyton that having money and wealth isn't all it is cracked up to be and that sometimes having true love is better than money anyday ? Out of all the stories, I found this one to be like the odd one out as the characters weren't part of the other series or family and it seemed out of place. 
Book #2 was Everything I Shouldn't and follows the story and the making of the romance blossoming between SaraBeth and Jeremy , whom we saw were together in Book #1. SaraBeth is David's younger sister and Jeremy is David's best friend and has been a family friend since him and David met in the first grade. With the age gap between the pair, their relationship has been a secret as more than the two of them could get hurt if their relationship was to come to light and the surface ? But what happens when their secret is discovered ? If it is true love , then why does it hurt so much as SaraBeth and Jeremy must now face the consequences and decide what the reality and fate of their relationship , where it is headed as the secret is revealed ? Can they handle the consequences and will it bring them closer or push them further apart ?
Book #3 Everything I Need is the carry on from Book #2 and where the above was Sarabeth's POV of the relationship and consequences - Book #3 is Jeremy's side of the story and we learn that he let SaraBeth go , but he still loves her and he realises that he was stupid to let her go their own way. Can Jeremy win back SaraBeth's heart or has she moved on from him ? Will Jeremy and SaraBeth finally get their own HEA after all the heartbreak and pain that they have suffered over the years ?
Book #4 Pretending He's You focuses on Olivia aka Livvy who is SaraBeth's Best friend and is a Love Triangle story as Olivia has the sweetest and perfect boyfriend Emmett Hudson  the pair have been dating since High School and they have a future planned. But what happens when a new bad boy rock star comes on the scene and steals Olivia's glances - Tyler Chamberlain has one goal in mind - to have Olivia as his own. But will Olivia be swayed from her relationship with Emmett ? Will she go with her head and stay with Emmett or will she follow her heart and take a risk and choose Tyler ?
Book #5 Pretending She's Mine is Tyler's story and Part #2 of Book #4 where we learn that Olivia chose the safe option and went with her head by staying with Emmett but Tyler isn't one to give up that easily as he loves Olivia and wants her as his own and in Part #2 will do everything in his power to make that happen. Will Tyler and Olivia finally get the HEA that he is after or will he be too late and Olivia already tied the knot with Emmett ?

If you love Boxed Sets and prefer reading Series all at once , then check out the Nashville Nights Collection by Stacey Mosteller for New Adult Romance, Fun and Tricky/ Complicated Relationships.

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