Friday, December 4, 2015

VBT# Picture Perfect - L.E Maguire

Review: Picture Perfect - L.E Maguire - April 2015

Living in the world of models and famous beautiful people can be dangerous and dishearting as you can find yourself easily mixed into their dramas and whirlwind lives. With a mother as a model and her father a famous photographer, Ember Whitfield grew up in the modelling world and met David a model and her boyfriend until he cheated on her and it almost caused her death. Picking up the pieces was Ember's best friend Jake - they have known each other from college and have been just that -really good friends.  Jake is what I could imagine that if my friend Daniel was still alive today, we would have been exactly like this. Ember has just gotten her big show and is starting a new life in Seattle with Jake. All goes well until one night out at a club, she meets Evan and there is chemistry. He doesn't give off good vibes though as he is surrounded by Barbie Dolls and turns out he is a model which Ember doesn't want anything to do with due to her past. As the story goes on though Ember and Evan are constantly thrown into each other's paths and it seems that fate is telling them something. What will happen though when Evan starts to bare his soul to Ember and fall in love with her as he is an intense character to then seeing Ember feeling betrayed as he is snapped in tabloids with other models which will have Ember retreating back to her own world of hurt and pain . Can Jake fix her up this time or is it too late - has Ember been pushed to far this time to come back ? 
Will Ember and Evan's relationship finally be a Picture Perfect one or can two people not succeed a proper relationship when being in the modelling world surrounded by beautiful people all day ?
The Angst between Ember and Evan in places reminded me of Tessa and Hardin from the After Series- just not as complicated and frustrating :P

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