Saturday, December 19, 2015

VBT# Dear Professor - Blaire Drake

Dear Professor

Review: Dear Professor - Blaire Drake -  Decemember 2015

Law school and tuition can be very expensive especially if you don't come from a trust fund or have parents paying their way for you through college. Normal paying jobs are out of the question too as you wouldn't get anytime in for study and to be the best , you need to study. So Darcy, with a good bod turned to The Dalton Girls - which is a house of Cam Girls who have private and public sex shows via webcam - the money is great and tuition is covered and as long as they follow the rules and stay below the radar - then all is well and with Darcy she only has nine months to go and then it is all done with. That is until she decides to go around collecting letters of recommendations from all her Professors and one of them refuses unless she does something for him.  He wants her to be his personal sex-slave either she agrees to be it for the next six weeks or he will not only not give her the letter of recommendation but he will also let her secret slip to the Head of the school which will leave her expelled and her whole law career flushed down the loo before it's even started. Darcy reluctantly agrees and things begin , it will be a bumpy ride for them both but what will happen when they both start feeling more than just mutual agreement between them ? Even more so when a jealous teacher decides to put an end to their relationship by going straight to the board ? Will Darcy lose everything in the end or will Professor Keaton set the board straight on the matter and Darcy's future stays intact ? 
If you love erotic fiction with the whole Teacher/Student relationship , then Dear Professor by Blaire Drake is the read for you.  This is also the perfect read if you loved Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy.


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