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Plan Bea

Review: Plan Bea - Hilary Grossman - October 2015

Growing up Anna and her mother Beatrice haven't had the greatest mother/daughter relationship.  Now though, Bea has just come back from a cruise and has met the most handsome and amazing man Walter aka Wally. Bea rings Anna and tells her that she wants help to plan their wedding which will be happening in three months, Anna always hoping she could find her mother's approval reluctantly agrees despite her husband's protests that he is worried she will get hurt. Over the next three months we read as Anna and Bea despite their up's and downs will actually start to open up to each other and reveal their past and the emotions/feelings they have been hiding and despite their disagreements - this may be the one thing that they need to work together to achieve in order to bring them closer and finally have the experience of a mother/daughter relationship that both of them have been missing out on for years. Plan Bea started off as a good book but all I could see was a mean spirited mother and a daughter who was sort of a kiss-ass but as the book got on and I got to see other parts of the characters personalities - the readers actually come to enjoy the mother/daughter relationship between Anna and Bea. Reading this was lovely, but in a way it also made me sad and miss my mum who passed away two years on the 29th December this year and how she will never get to  see my wedding or met my children (if I have any) down the track and miss those adult life milestones. At the same time though, reading it made me happy as I remembered the great times I had with my mum. 
Plan Bea was such a lovely read and emotional at times , but to me the one thing that stood out what that no matter what troubles you have had with your mum - work it out as you might not know whether you will ever have that chance again .


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Plan Bea! I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I am so sorry that you lost your mum. I know how hard it is to lose a parent (my dad passed away when I was 14) so I can totally relate to your feelings about her missing out on all the milestones.


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