Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review: In Place of Never - Julie Anne Lindsey

In Place of Never

Review: In a Place of Never - Julie Anne Lindsey - February 2016

One of my favourite things about being a member of Netgalley is the chance to read releases before the actual release date and some of them are amazing like In Place of Never. The book starts a bit omnious with the main character Mercy's household being like the walking dead as they move like sloths from one thing to another . We discover that it has been three years since the family lost not only a sibling but also their mother three months later. Mercy went through a rough time and blamed herself for her sister's death and started cutting. That eventually stopped but she never stopped looking for answers as she doesn't believe it was an accident or suicide. The incident took place three years ago during the Lovell Travelling Circus and her father and a couple of the townsfolk have blamed them. This has been Mercy's view until she meets Cross - one of the performers and the pair get quite close. Mercy sees this as an opportunity to discover the truth about what really went down the night she died. Though as Mercy gets closer to the truth and secrets are revealed - it seems that someone doesn't want her to find out the truth and wants what happened to Faith to stay buried and unfortunately if Mercy's not careful - she may be the next one in her family to discover what it's like to be six feet under.  If you love mysteries with a bit of romantic suspense and New Adult tales then In a Place of Never by Julie Anne Lindsey should be top of your 2016 reading lists.

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