Monday, December 14, 2015

Review : Where They Found Her - Kimberly McCreight

Where They Found Her

Review: Where They Found Her - Kimberly McCreight - April 2015

After a tragedy losing her baby Molly Anderson's life flipped upside down as she found it hard to connect with others, thinking life was due for an overdue change - Justin and Molly and their five year old daughter moved to a smalltown called Ridgedale, New Jersey. Where Justin got a job teaching at the University and Molly got a job writing for the newspaper. When a big story comes up and Molly is the only writer avaliable , she must cover it but will it bring back memories of her past as there has been a body found - a newborn infant. As the story goes on, Molly discovers another death in the same spot over twenty years ago of a college boy. Are they connected somehow ? As the story of Molly trying to find the identity of the mother, Where They Found Her follows a number of different characters and families who at the end of the novel are all connected one way or another . What will happen when truths and lies are revealed as stories tumble from the domino effect of the baby's body ? 
Without giving away the ending and any spoilers , I will leave you with this that Where They Found Her is a complex story and there are several major character storylines, but they do all connect in the last few chapters. The book does boost that fans of Gone Girl, will love this book but because I hated Gone Girl, I would say that Where They Found Her is way better than Gone Girl and if you loved Kimberly's book "Reconstructing Amelia" you will love Where They Found Her.

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