Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review: Until Friday Night - Abbi Glines

Until Friday Night (The Field Party, #1) 

Review: Until Friday Night - Book #1 The Field Party Series - Abbi Glines - August 2015

Ever since I first opened my first book of Abbi Glines - Breathe back in 2012 , I have been a huge fan of her different series . This one however, I was a bit cautious as I thought judging by the cover- which we should never actually do , that it was a football book and I had in mind a sort-of Friday Night Lights (TV show) in mind. I don't mind Football in novels , but it's never been a huge favourite of mine. Like the rest of Abbi Glines's novels , often their is more than meets the eye to her characters and they may seem one way to the world, but deep down they are wounded souls in need of someone either saving them or what we want most in the world is someone to talk to , to listen and not judge for what we have to say. Someone who will be their for us in our darkest moments. Until Friday Night follows our two main characters Maggie and West. Maggie has come to live with her Aunt and Uncle and cousin Brady after a tragedy which has caused her to develop selective mutism. Brady and everyone else around her just assumes she can't talk and is a bit slow in the head. The truth is that one night keeps haunting and she believes if she speaks again, she will have to keep re-living it with everyone's questions. West Ashby is one of the school's best football players, the other thing he is though is a player - he's the type of guy who uses girls for sex - definitely not boyfriend material. He is also hiding a dark secret, one that is slowly eating at him and causing him to act and lash out. His father is dying and his days are getting numbered . West finds himself attracted to Maggie and the two strike up a friendship which leads to him being the only one Maggie talks too. Can West help Maggie to start talking again and can Maggie in turn help West to let others know what's happening and inside the truth ?  Until Friday Night was actually one of the best books , I have read for a while as you know as a reader, you go through waves of book slumps . I'm looking forward to continuing going through my Kindle App and reading the remainder of Abbi Glines's books in her Rosemary Beach/ SeaBreeze Series etc.


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