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Review: 14th Deadly Sin - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

14th Deadly Sin: (Women's Murder Club 14) (Women's Murder Club)

Review: 14th Deadly Sin - Book #14 Women's Murder Club Series - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - March 2015

With recovering from surgery, it gives me time to go back and catch up on some books that I have had sitting on my shelf to read for a while and this morning's breakfast read was 14th Deadly Sin - Book #14 in the Women's Murder Club series. Still one of my all-time favourite authors is James Patterson, he is what got me into reading mystery novels with his 2nd Degree and Along Came A Spider.  We have read as the WMC have gone through everything together from serial killers to marriages and relationships to families and a few deaths of their own.  Like most of James Patterson's books there are several plot lines running through the novels and a few of them connect and other's don't.  The first sort-of reminded me of an episode of Major Crimes where Criminals were dressing up as cops to do their crimes as someone is targeting, robbing and killing shop owners dressed as policemen but they are good leaving behind no evidence, it's almost the perfect crime scene.
Cindy is currently on a book tour with her non-fiction crime book about Randy Fish and his lover and it's Claire's Birthday again and Lindsay has been called away for another murder. Upon further research, she has noticed a pattern of women killed for the past five years on Claire's birthday - is it connected to Claire and will she be next ? Is the Killer using the other women as practice to be perfect for the murder of Claire ? 
Yuki has decided it's time for a job change this time representing those who can't speak for themselves working for the Defense League - what will happen though when her first case brings her up against her old boss and her friends and family at the SFPD ?
Has she opened a bigger can of worms than she can handle ?
One thing that I really loved about 14th Deadly sin was another side plotline of the father/daughter relationship between Joe and Julie which was awesome to see.
14th Deadly Sin was another amazing installment of The Women's Murder Club series and if Book #15 continues to be as amazing as what I read in the sneak preview at the end of this book, I can't wait.

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