Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Husk - J. Kent Messum


Review: Husk - J. Kent Messum - July 2015

After reading Touch by Claire North and Starters/Enders by Lissa Price, I was interested in reading Husk when it came into the library. First off, the cover attracted me and then reading the blurb I was like hmm, this should be a good book since I liked the above books which were similar. In the future, dead rich people are still attached in their brains and on screens and for the good looking ones out there, they can get work for organisations doing what is called Husking. Which is basically renting out their bodies for the dead people to go and enjoy their nights out and experience their youthful times. If you are good at your job and handsome then it pays very well like it does for our main character Rhodes. He thought he was set for life until his workmates start getting murdered and going haywire. Rhodes decides to investigate and it leads him down a road of ex-husks that have either ended up dead, injured or insane and it all seems to point to one particular client . What will happen to Rhodes though when that particular client wants him exclusively ? Will his body be lost like the others or worst will he end up six feet under like his mate Miller ?
Find out in Husk which was a cross between Touch by Claire North and Starters/Enders by Lissa Price.

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