Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Lie to You - JC Valentine

Lie to You (Forbidden Trilogy, #2)

Review: Lie to You - Book #2 Forbidden Trilogy - JC Valentine - July 2015

First off, what's awesome about this book was that it was released on my birthday :) second if you love teacher/student relationships - then Lie to You is the book for you. The Forbidden Trilogy by JC Valentine goes over and above your usual teacher/student relationship though as in Book #1 we met Josephine aka Joe who is a stripper and an exotic dancer , she is also studying Art History at University. One of her clients at work was known as Mr. Scott , her Professor of Art History is also known as Mr. Scott. Josephine thought that they were one of the same , but turns out at the end of Book #1 the Mr. Scott's were in fact twin brothers. Now in Lie to You it starts off with Joe camped out in her apartment as she tries to reel in the fact that she was slowly falling in love with both brothers.  One is arrogant , pushy and rude - Rebel and the other is arrogant but gentler and treats her amazing - Ransom. The thing is Joe is in love with both of them and now in Lie to You - each brother will fight to the death so bloodshed will be involved to win over Joe's heart , the thing though is none of them are going to give up that easily and accept defeat. In Lie to You , this is a massive Love Triangle story as each tries to win Joe's affection but in different ways. We notice that she spends alot of time with Rebel in Lie to You, but is he the right choice for her as he strikes me as a player and a manipulator ? Does she want hot sex and a challenging back and forward relationship with Rebel or does she want Love, Kindness and a Connection with Ransom ?
Find out what type of girl Joe is in Book #2 Lie to You by JC Valentine and what man she is attracted to ?

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