VBT# The Selection - Jayne Faith and Christine Castle

Sapient Salvation 1: The Selection (Sapient Salvation Series) 

Review: The Selection - Book #1 Sapient Salvation Series - Jayne Faith and Christine Castle - October 2015

Fans of books like The Hunger Games and Kiera Cass's The Selection will absolutely fall in love with The Selection by Jayne Faith and Christine Castle as I adored it. At first , I was a bit on the cautious side as I am not normally one for spacey science fiction stories and in places that is what this book presents itself as but as you get further along you discover that it was very similar to the Hunger Games - each district has been training up tributes who will get sent to Lord Toric and they will compete to be part of his Harem of women. They are aged between 18-20 . The men who get chosen will be placed on the Lord's Royal Guard as his servants. Twice a year , women are chosen to represent their villages - this is until the prophecy which is stated in the sacred scrolls can be fulfilled. In Maya's village, the person selected as been training for it - so the others do not have to worry. That is until the day of the Selection and word is out that she is dead. Now a raffle of names will have to happen and one name will be drawn out as a tribute - Maya's name is chosen. Maya is then thrust into a world of riches , fights and extremes as she must fight for her place in the Harem or face imminent death. It seems that Maya has caught the attention of Lord Toric and we wonder whether she will be the one to change his wily ways - that is if his brother Jeric doesn't get their first and plan to destroy Maya's chances.
The Selection is a Science Fiction Dystopian meets The Bachelor and is a series that I cannot wait to read the next one in the series to see what lies ahead for Lord Toric and Maya.



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