Friday, December 4, 2015

VBT# Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Martina McAtee

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Review: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Martina McAtee - August 2015

Ember Denning has lived quite a secluded life from what she can remember, she has also been labelled as weird and a freak and spends more time with the dead than alive . The story starts when her absent father passes away and we catch a glimpse that Ember is being followed and watched by what we assume is a Grim Reaper Soul Eater type person. We also learn that Ember isn't ordinary as strange things happen at her father's funeral. The story then moves to another community called The Grove where three high school students are sitting in class and one screams and a name appears on another's arm. The name is November. This can't be real as November was said to have died twelve years ago when the town suffered a major accident and alot of people passed away.  Tristan and Kai are twins and cousins of November and we learn that The Grove is in fact a community of supernaturals and that they have been hidden from the real world due to a series of incidents that caused chaos and they all started when three babies were born the same day with powerful abilities and all bearing the same Reaper mark. As they grew older , Tristan was a banshee and Kai - a Reaper Soul Collector and November - the most powerful and rarity of them all.
Now Ember has been chucked into a strange world where she has forgotten her past and must remember events about her family to learn what she is and what she is capable of. But how can Ember do that when she doesn't know who to trust and stay away from ?
If you love Paranormal and Supernatural Teen Stories with lots of Twists and Turns then Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things is the book for you.
Also if you have seen the TV Series 'The Gates" , then you can have a fair idea of how "The Grove" works. This book also reminded me of LJ Smith's series "The Secret Circle"

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