Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review: A Curvy Coldwater Christmas - Jenn Roseton

A Curvy Coldwater Christmas (Coldwater Springs #5) 

Review: A Curvy Coldwater Christmas - Book #5 Coldwater Springs - Jenn Roseton - September 2014

This Christmas will be a bit of matchmaking in the air as Kate has a crush on a fellow neighbour Flynn but she has been nervous to approach as he is the handsome and rugged type and she is the local Baker and thinks that she isn't much to look at especially since she has a bit of poky fat around her middle from all the food she cooks. Her best friends Sarah and Lindsey though have a plan in action - the current Mr and Mrs Claus who have played the roles in the Coldwater Springs Town Christmas Parade have come down with the flu and they need a replacement - Enter Kate and Flynn. Lindsey has also taken a bit of creative flow with the old script by adding a Kiss in the play. Now Kate and Flynn must practise and this means the kiss. Kate starts to fall for Flynn, but is he only doing this because it is part of the script or does he fancy Kate as well ? Find out in the Aftermath of the Christmas Parade to find out the fates of Mr and Mrs Claus aka Kate and Flynn this Christmas in this quick novella Curvy Coldwater Christmas Read.


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