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Hickville Confessions Book Blast‏

Hickville Confessions by Mary Karlik
 Hickville Confessions (Hickville High, #2)
New Look. New Town. New Beginning. Dark Secrets. HICKVILLE CONFESSIONS by Mary Karlik is another sassy, moving, and deeply emotional YA romance about starting over, rediscovering what really matters, and learning that your deepest secrets can hold you captive when what you really want to do is fly. Hickville Confessions is the second book in the Hickville High series.

Join Mary Karlik and the Killion Group as we celebrate the release of Hickville Confessions with this 14 stop Book Blast from December 7th to 11th. Included in this book blast is exclusive content, guest posts from Mary, a spotlight of the book, and a giveaway. One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

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Title: Hickville Confessions
Author: Mary Karlik
Series: Hickville High
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: December 3rd 2015
Publisher: Indie Published
Print Length: 357 pages
Format: Paperback and Digital
Print ISBN: 978-0996155632
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9961556-2-5

New town. New look. New beginning. High school junior Ryan Quinn has a past. She will do just about anything to keep it hidden, even if means joining the ultra-conservative, no fun allowed, Purity Club. But secrets are hard to keep in a small town and when the Purity Club girls discover the truth, they viciously attack Ryan.

Senior, Justin Hayes is a good guy wrapped in a bad-boy reputation. He may have been kicked out of the Homecoming Dance for fighting, but it was his dead sister’s reputation he was defending. He did stay out all night with super hot Ryan Quinn, but it was after he’d rescued her from the Purity Club and all they did was talk. He lost his heart to her that night. But with his home life a complete hot mess, there is no way he could have a relationship with her. The trouble is, he can’t stay away from her.

Justin is the kind of guy who can make Ryan forget her vow to change. He’s the kind of guy she should avoid at all costs. But he knows her soul secrets. He understands her and it is torture when she is away from him. But as she deals with the outward scars on her face and the inward shame of her past and Justin’s home life continues to spiral out of control, their relationship becomes as convoluted as their home life. Will they find the courage to open their hearts to each other in spite of their family drama?

Excerpt #1:
Justin Hayes didn’t care that he’d been kicked out of the Homecoming dance, but he was pissed as hell that they treated Eric like a victim. When Coach Graves escorted Justin out, he lectured him about his anger and how he needed to get control of it before he wound up in trouble with the law.
Jesus. How had he become the bad guy?
When they got to Justin’s truck, Coach Graves put his hand on Justin’s shoulder, all fatherly, and said, “Son, think about what I said. You have to learn to let things go.”
Justin opened the door and turned to Coach. He wanted to tell him he’d gotten it all wrong. But Justin had thrown the first punch and that was all that really mattered. He choked back all the things he wanted to say and closed the door.
His hands gripped the steering wheel as he fought the urge to slam down the accelerator. He didn’t need more trouble. He needed to wrap his brain around the truth that had been revealed tonight. One more thing to add to his big, stinking shithole of a life.
He made a right by the courthouse, where girls in their Homecoming gowns frolicked in the fountain. He pulled up alongside the curb and put it in Park. They’d soaped the fountain. At least someone was having fun tonight.
As he watched the scene unfold, uneasiness filled him. Those girls weren’t dancing in the bubbles. They looked like they were trying to drown someone.
Holy shit! They’re going to kill her.
He jumped from his truck. A deep growl erupted as he ran toward them. The girls screamed and scrambled like rats from a sinking ship. Macey Brown stared at him as she stepped over the rim of the fountain, hatred blazing in her eyes. She wasn’t scared like the other girls. She was mad that he’d interrupted.
He pushed past her. Ryan Quinn sat up and splashed water in her face. Her skin was raw and bleeding. He scooped her out of the water. She wasn’t crying—she was beyond that. She leaned her face into his chest and her body trembled in his arms. He opened the truck’s passenger door and slid her onto the seat.
Macey stood in front of the hood with a pair of shoes in her hand. “You can have the whore. Jesus doesn’t want her and neither do we.” She chucked the shoes at him.
He caught one. The other thunked onto the windshield. He grabbed the shoe and climbed behind the wheel.
Macey stood on the sidewalk with her hands on her hips. Her prom dress clung to her body and pieces of her hair had come unpinned, making her look even crazier than she was. Katie tried to pull her away, but she wasn’t budging. As he drove away, Justin took a last look in the rearview. Macey remained on the sidewalk with her middle finger pointed toward heaven.
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About Mary Karlik:

Following a career as a nursing instructor, award-winning author, Mary Karlik earned an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania. A native Texan, Mary loves horses, dogs, cats, country music, and small town diners. Although she has recently relocated in northern New Mexico, her heart remains in the Lone Star state.

Connect with Mary:
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