Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Petty Little Lives - Alice Reeds

If you are in the mood for an angsty teen novel , then Petty Little Lives is the read for you. We first met Roxanne Revolution who we can judge is a singer on Youtube but seems things have happened the past few months and now her parents are sending her to live with her Aunt Valenca for the two months of Summer Break. We then met Sapphire Hope whom is Roxanne's cousin on her mother's side. Sapphire is a spoilt brat and the opposite of Roxanne , as she grew up in LA with wealthy parents , her mother is sending her to Aunt Valenca's for the summer as well. At first I thought that this was a you are being sent to Iowa for punishment type novel, but as I read further it seems that both girls have major issues and that this trip was for them to actually discover the "real" them and also bond if they can as neither have any real close friends. When they arrive Roxanne is put to work at the Vets with her Aunt and intern Dawn and Sapphire in the gardens with Jose. As the book moves along, we discover that Roxanne is in fact sick and possibly dying and she was sent to re-discover herself as she got lost in her illness. We also read a change in Sapphire as under all the rudeness facade, she is actually a loving and caring girl and the girls start to bond. But is it too late for them to actually spend time together as summer draws to an end or does life have a curveball for them as at the end of Summer - they are forced to make decisions - that could evidently change the rest of their lives for the best ?
If you want a teen novel with a bit of angst and up's and downs - warning though - Roxanne has Cancer , so it is one of those stories, then Check out "Petty Little Lives" by Alice Reeds today.



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