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Review: Listen - Rene Gutteridge


Review: Listen - Rene Gutteridge - January 2010

Nothing major in the crime area ever really happened in Marlo, you had the occassional dispute but other than that it was a quiet smalltown with a low crime rate. The book starts off with an incident where a girl called Meredith goes to hang herself after overhearing her so-called friends on a baby monitor talk horribly about her. It then clicks over to a journalist named Damien and his family - Kay, Jenna and Hunter in the town of Marlo. Damien has always believed in the power of words and that they can easily harm someone or make someone feel better - words are a powerful thing and in the wrong hands they can become deadly. The crime rate is about to skyrocket in Marlo as a new website is created called Listen To Yourself . Someone in the town is recording private conversations and putting them online for the residents of Marlo to listen to. This starts to cause chaos as people are injured, animals are killed and drastic measures are being taken. Can the police find out who is behind the website before anyone else gets hurt ? What would you do if you found out your conversations were going public ? Would you learn to censor what you say ? Listen by Rene Gutteridge does contain some edgy and gritty scenes as well as emotions can run high - especially if you have been a victim yourself of bullying through words , which can often hurt the most.  I definitely did not see this ending coming and then after I finished, I actually thought it was a clever idea and would make a great thesis for someone's journalism/communication masters. 
If you love Edgy Christian Fiction and are a fan of Words and their impacts - then check out Listen by Rene Gutteridge today as you will not be bored.

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