Monday, December 7, 2015

#VBT - Unpretty by Victoria Escobar

Growing up we often live in a world where unless you are blonde , tall , wear make-up or is born beautiful and slim - you are considered ugly or plain or in a more PC term - you are simply Unpretty. This book appealed to me as firstly , this is something I had to grow up with with the bullying as I never seemed to be able to fit into people's perspectives of what was pretty and beautiful and growing up without a proper caring mother-figure ( my mum had Autism) I never was taught the things like wearing make-up etc. The other thing that drew me to this book was the fact , that I am a geek or a book nerd as people might put it. I love my TV shows, my books - ask me the latest book I can tell you but the latest music and clubbing scenes aren't my style. Sometimes I wish they were, you then add in a dysfunctional family - I had that and then put yourself in the lower socio-economic bracket - again I was there and then you have someone who finds it really hard to fit in with the world and those around them. In a lot of ways, I found myself liking the character of Sidonie to myself in aspects. In Unpretty , Sidonie is creative with her music and art and soon finds a place for herself in a world that only exists to those who want to see it - it slowly becomes a dark place though, sucking in Sidonie's energies. Can she find the light at the end of the tunnel or will the darkness consume her one piece at a time, like it does for a few outcasts till there isn't anyone left ?
I found Unpretty to be a hard read and one that you have to be in the right mood to read otherwise you may struggle with the book as it was slow in places and I am normally a fast-paced reader. 
Unpretty is the read for all those in the world who turn to blogs for friendship and a purpose and for anyone who has ever been called "Unpretty" or worse.

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