Monday, December 7, 2015

VBT# Lies we Live - Brenda St. John Brown

Ella had it all , a successful career as a romantic suspense novelist and having her books made into a film and she was pregnant . The only thing she thought she had but didn't it turned out to be was a great loving husband. When Ella lost her baby in a miscarry, he took Ella to court and sued her with child negligence. Two years later, Ella has been named and viewed as a murderer and has had enough and so she decides to head away to her sister Grace's and start fresh. Doing a road trip, she lands in a small town called Horatio and meets Josh Deveraux. One thing leads to another and soon she finds herself staying longer than her original thought of just passing on through. After Josh's failed marriage , he came back cold and closed off but Ella is making parts of the old Josh return. Is this Ella's chance at a second happiness and a fresh start ? Josh however is hiding a few truths as he knew Ella during the trial and followed it quite closely and has connections to her old life . We read as this pair go back and forth , slowly opening up to one another about their lives and past. What will happen though when just as Ella is about to give her whole self to Josh- a number from her past that she knows so well flashes on his cellphone ?
A warning to readers that Lies we Live does finish on a major cliffhanger and if you are like me and can't wait for Book #2 to be published , then I suggest that you wait until you have both books to read - that way you aren't spending so long hanging in limbo waiting to have the truth revealed.


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