Saturday, August 1, 2020

Review: Another Vice - Patricia Hoving

Another Vice

Review: Another Vice - Book #1 The University Alley Series - Patricia Hoving - June 2020I have to admit when I grabbed this book, I was curious about what it would be about as the blurb had caught my attention. However, when I started reading it - I felt a bit of disappointed as the book felt like it was all over the place and both the characters were manipulative in their ways and so dependant on each other. The book starts with the two main characters Clay and Lane going to meetings for NA. Clay we learn has a Heroin problem which in this book is coded as Marion and Lane is his House Mother/ Lover and is going to appointments for those who love people with drug/alcohol problems. Both characters it seems have good intentions but they don't seem to be realizing that they are both making the issue a bigger problem and have lost grip on their actual realities especially Lane who has put her whole career on the line for a drug-addicted guy whom their first time having sex was Clay in a drug-frenzied state as the powder had spilled on Lane. The other thing that frustrated me was that the author kept interchanging between English and French for certain words, this felt unnecessary for the book. This was also a book that I had to press on to finish as it was slow and seemed to not progress further than this destructive relationship that the pair had. If you are looking for a book about addiction and the damage it can do to the people around you, then this is a read you may enjoy. However, it won't be a series that I will be continuing with sadly.

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