Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Beauty and the Bully - Andy Behrens

How do you like my new symbol , this one is to represent those YA/Teen books that don't really fit into a particular category.

                                                                   Beauty and the Bully

                                 Synopsis: The Beauty and the Bully - Andy Behrens- August 2008

Duncan Boone is hopelessly in love with Carly Garfield, his high school's resident perfect girl and do-gooder, who has no idea he exists. He talks about her constantly with his two best friends and fellow musicians. Though their band has yet to book a gig, possibly due to its identity crisis and subsequent stylistic and name changes, they have fun hanging out. When Duncan slips during practice and gets walloped with a speaker, leaving his face a black-and-blue mess, things unexpectedly begin to look up with Carly. She misunderstands his bruises and decides that he is her next underdog in need of protection. But to keep her attention, Duncan needs to find a bully to help him play the part of victim. While it's refreshing to see a girl in the white-knight role, this novel falls flat. The dialogue tries too hard to be hip and funny, constantly dropping references to music and pop culture that feel out of place and forced. The characters are never fully fleshed out. Duncan is unlikable and it is difficult to care if he attains his goals. Although filled with potentially humorous moments, the book's weaknesses drag it down.

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