Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monster High - Lisi Harrison

Continuing in the Halloween October Month , this book features a wide range of monsters from Dr Jekyl and Mr Hydes to Frankesteins , Vampires, Gorgons , Mummies and more..................

                                                                   Monster High

                                             Review : Monster High - Lisi Harrison - Sept 2010

It's the book everyone has been literally dying and hanging out to read , I have wanted to read the book ever since I first laid eyes on the catchy music video which they did for the book. I now have the song downloaded onto my IPOD as I just had to have it . After watching the video clips on youtube I had a fair idea on who the characters were but not the storyline of the book. I was in for a surprise as the book tends to tell two stories on main characters and newcomers Melody Carver and Frankie Stein. One is what they call a "normie" - Melody and her family have just moved from LA to the small community and Melody is starting her new year at local high school "Merston High" little for her it is actually nicknamed "Monster High" as several monsters in disguise attend. We read as Melody is soon caught between the "normie" world and the "monster" world.
The second storyline features Frankie Stein daughter of Viveka and Victor Frankenstein , now 15 days old she is to start attending Merston High and learn all about the differences between "monsters" like herself and those who call themselves "normies". Can Frankie fit in or was she born to stand out as she starts to try and implement a Be Natural for the monsters and why not be made to stand out when the school you attend is secretly filled with Monsters.
The chapters of Melody and Frankie intertwine as we discover their day to day lives and soon the same guy who happens to have a split personality.
Monster High is not exactly what I expected with all the hype going on, but in saying that it is a great read and worth getting on board with.

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