Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pandoran War - Dante D'Anthony

                                                        The Pandoran War

The Pandoran War is being re-released this month , so readers if you are into Science Fiction Novels , love Novels that are similar to Resident Evil but in Space then this is the book to read.

Synopsis of The Pandoran War - Dante D'Anthony - October 2010

11 centuries from the present day Earth and Deneb 4 engage in a nuclear first strike, a holocaust, against the Arcturian Colonials, creating a dark age. Mankinds galactic civilizations falter for a millennium. But the worst has only begun. Psychic, parasitic entities of dark matter, galvanized by humanities horrific war, begin to reveal themselves-soul eating, macabre, and legion. It has taken them the long centuries to cross the intergalactic void in number since the holocausts. They are hungry.

4217. The long dark Age of Pandora is about to break its mottled, imperfect peace with a new and horrific war of galactic proportions. The smuggling Guild is contacted by a psychic in regards to extra-dimensional beings massing to swarm into our spacetime. The Cybernetic Overlords send a resurrected superspy who had been previously convicted of treason. A fleet general engages a flotilla of mercanary pirates-military veterans fed up with tyranny. An unlikely collection of strange bedfellows that must find a way to war against the nightmarish beings from the darkest corners of the multiverse...
For More Information and if you are into playing games and Interactive Websites - The Author has produced such an amazing site - http://www.pandoranwar.com 
The Book is avaliable for purchase from Smashwords and Amazon :


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  2. Now, I tried again and i get the message "request URI too long" what is happening.. xoxo


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