Friday, October 8, 2010

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

                                                        Safe Haven          

Are you a fan of the Nicholas Sparks Novels ? Seen or Own movies such as Message In a Bottle , A Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe , Dear John and The Last Song ?. If so, you are in for a definite treat as I present to you his latest book "Safe Haven".

Review : Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks - October 2010

Are you a fan of the happy ever after tales of love , not the soppy ones that never have or hit a bumpy spot but the ones that overcome all the obstacles and some of those obstacles are life-threatening and terrifying , that you can't imagine how someone would survive through it all . If so then this is a book , well I should rephrase myself and say that this is an author that you should add to your list to read , if you haven't already I suggest you get a move on as you are missing out big time.
Nicholas Sparks is famous for the fact that most of his romance/drama novels have been or are being made into movies.
So While I was reading Safe Haven I was picturing it as if it was a movie and who I would cast as certain characters etc, continue reading till the end to find out and if you have any actors/actresses in mind to play the roles please comment on this post .
Back to the story , Katie is running away from her past and ends up in a small town called Southport , with no money etc Katie gets a job working as a waitress in a small town restaurant called Ivan's. As the story progresses we see a next door neighbour moving in Jo whom becomes Katie's close friend and Alex - the grocery store owner. As Katie starts to fall for Alex whom is now widowed with two little ones , her guard starts to slowly tear down but will her past come back to haunt her as she starts to develop a more intimate relationship with Alex and his children Kristen and Josh. Also characters are revealed as we discover the true identity of Katie aka Erin and Jo aka Carly Jo.
A novel that shows that no matter what stands in your way or whom stands in your way, if love is meant to happen , then it will happen with the whole shebang - fireworks and an epic tale.
If I was to make this into a movie , I'm thinking for the role of  Katie/Erin - Natalie Portman/Julia Stiles , Alex - Hugh Jackman/Gerald Butler , Kristen and Josh - played by the girl who is going to be playing Reneesme on Breaking Dawn and her little brother , Jo/Carly Jo - Meg Ryan/Cameron Diaz.

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