Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Golden Blood - Stephen Woodsworth

Today's Book as we start the near countdown for the month of October , wow where has the time gone :-) We continue our feature of the Halloween reads and today's book features Supernaturals called Violets .

                                                          In Golden Blood

                     Review : In Golden Blood - Stephen Woodsworth - October 2005

Wow , when I read this book , I didn't realise that it was an oldie as I got it out from our library and it is only a recent purchase so I got a shock when I discovered that it is 5 years old and also what a perfect time to read it , on it's 5th Anniversary of publication.
In Golden Blood by Stephen Woodsworth , it has been described as part Silence of the Lambs and part Lovely Bones which captured my attention as of course I've seen the Hannibal movies - Silence of the Lambs with good ol' Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster and read the book of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - have yet to decide whether or not I want to watch the film or not.
In Golden Blood we are taken into the world of Natalie Lindstrom and her 7 yr old daughter Callie , her and her daughter were born with Violet eyes causing them to gain supernatural powers. They can use their bodies to summon spirits and demons by the touch of an item.
Struggling with money after the last book finished we see Natalie offered an excellent job on a Archaelogical dig in Peru however as times gets by it seems that things aren't exactly what they seem and people aren't exactly who they say they are and this is where it gets all Silence of the Lambies on us as soon Natalie finds herself a prisoner in their care and unless she does exactly what they want it doesn't look like she and her daughter will be reunited in a long time and then near the end of the book it starts to turn all Lovely Bones as the ghosts start appearing and help her along the way too not only get out of her dilemma but also to help solve their deaths and put the man / men responsible in law's hands.
A great read for those who enjoy Treasure Hunting novels and shows like Relic Hunter ,The Librarian and of course Indiana Jones and those who enjoy the supernatural side of visionaries and psychics however as Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker) from the hit show and one of my fave TV Shows "The Mentalist" would say "There is no such thing as Psychics".

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