Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kristy's Great Idea - Ann M. Martin

Since I review a mixture of books on my website , I figured that I needed also an appropriate picture for Children's/ Juvie Fiction and I  thought that this was also a cute illustration .

Who Here remembers The Series "The Babysitters Club" by Ann .M. Martin ?
I used to read the series and I ended up reading all of them from the ages of 9-12, Imagine my surprise when at work arrived the books 1 and 2 with new covers.

Review : Kristy's Great Idea - Ann. M. Martin - Reprinted April 2010

The Cover on the left hand side is the cover that I grew up with , with all the characters of the Babysitters Club on the left hand side of the book and the picture in the middle featured all of the BSC and was set in accordance to whatever the story was or if it was about a certain individual character , they would feature on the cover in the setting of the story. The cover on the right-hand side is the new covers , to me I think that they are a bit plain and I'm not sure how much it will attract the attention of the new BSC Generation as after taking school visits at work , we are definitely in a world of "judging books by the covers" and children go for brightly covered covers , stand-out pictures.

In the first book "Kristy's Great Idea" it features the original members of the Babysitters Club - Kristy , her best friend Mary Ann , Claudia and Stacey. It starts with a simple idea and a brain flash as Kristy's little brother David Michael was locked out of the house as the Babysitter hadn't arrived and then Kristy who was supposed to babysit couldn't and passed the message on to Mary-Anne . What if , their was a babysitting service where they could ring one number and have access to them all. As Claudia's room was bigger and she also happened to be the only one with a phone in her bedroom. In Kristy's Great Idea we see the forming of the Babysitters Club which started as a phenomenon around the town of Stoneybrook in Mass and into the hearts of all teen girls , all those many moons ago.

Thinking back , I was really into Babysitters Club about 10-12 years ago now , it's been that long and now they are making a come-back and as I recall it must be that time of season as also making a comeback , slightly off topic is Sweet Valley High - another series I was so into around the same time as BSC.

As they continue reprinting the books , It will be a trip down Memory lane with re-connecting with other BSC members who arrived later on the scene like Karen ( she was someones little sister) , Mallory , Mallory's best friend Jess , Dawn ( who becomes a stepsister) , Logan ( Mary-Anne's boyfriend and best- guy friend).

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