Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I say Tomato - Katie Wall

                                                                I Say Tomato

Wanting a nice light-hearted read and one that has a bit of Aussie/American Humour chucked into the mix ?

Review : I say Tomato - Katie Wall - 2010

Meet Sunny aka Sunday , a young Aussie actress who grew up watching Home and Away and Neighbours and loving the shows so much decided that she too wanted to become an Actress. On the day her boyfriend asked her to marry her , she bought a one-way ticket to Hollywood.
Now in Hollywood , Sunny is making a small name for herself as she stars in TV ads , auditioning for parts and when she is short-listed for a call-back she meets Sam - a hunky American actor whom introduces her to the world of free Swag and Sundance Film festivals.
Sunny also now living in comfort with her new-found friend Albert , things are starting to look up for her. The meeting of Albert and Katie reminds me of the movie "The Holiday" where Kate Winslet meets the old screenwriter and becomes a companion for him.
As Sunny gets more and more involved with Hollywood and the people around LA , will she realise what she actually wants more than anything is to be in Australia with the guy she left.
I say Tomato is one girl's journey from Australia to Hollywood as she tries to work out what she wants and who is important in her life.
What I really liked was that the author had Isla Fisher endorse the book as it gave it that Aussie feel as she started her acting career on Home and Away as Shannon.

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