Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther- Ginger Garrett

This symbol of the Christy Award is alot more clearer to see than the one I had before. Today's book is a story that if you are a Christian and have read your bible or attended Sunday School etc you will be highly familiar with.

                                                                     Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther (Lost Loves of the Bible)

Review : Chosen - The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther - Lost Loves of the Bible Series - Ginger Garrett - March 2010

Gosh, where do I start . This book was absolutely and utterly amazing and it is now one of my most favourite books ever. If you have ever read the bible or attended church or even Sunday School like myself , you would have been brought up on or heard the story of Queen Esther .Chosen as one of the maidens to be set before the King as one of his brides to become the new Queen of Persia.
The story as we all are familiar with takes us back to the marketplace where Hassadah aka Esther is an orphan living with her cousin Mordecai and selling roses at the marketplace. It is at the marketplace that Esther falls in love for the first time to Cyrus , however Esther is not destined to be with Cyrus as what would he want with a girl with no dowry. The story starts with King Xerxes holding a wonderful party and then of hearing tales that he has kicked his Queen out of their Kingdom and is on the lookout for a new Queen. This is about the same time that Cyrus and Esther proclaim their love for each other , Cyrus father being the rich snob and bully he is , puts forth Esther's name to the King and Esther - a Jew and God worshipper is taken from her home and placed as one of the chosen one's to stand before the King. We then are transported into the rich and wealthy Kingdom of Xerxes and it is here that we witness scenes that nowadays we can only imagine that would happen on TV Shows like "America's Top Model" and beauty pageants. As the girls start going, going and gone . It soon arises to be Esther's turn and it is here that I really admire Esther as she stands her ground with Xerxes and she says to him " you can have my body, but I won't just give you my heart". She is your average , wonderful girl and is such an amazing Christian Role Model to have as a Female.
I found the story to be easy to read and relate to and as I was reading I was heartfelt and my feelings went out towards Esther as she really spoke to me in the story.

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