Saturday, October 9, 2010

Only the good Spy Young - Ally Carter

                                                                       Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls)

                                   The latest book in the Ally Carter's series "The Gallagher Girls".

                                   Review : Only The Good Spy Young - Ally Carter - June 2010

It seems that A) trouble can't stay away from Cammie or that B) Cammie can't help but land in trouble continually. In the latest book in the Gallagher series we see Cammie and her friends trying to help get to the bottom of the fiasco with the Circle and Blackthorn and trying to discover who really Joe Solomon their ex-Covert Ops teacher is and who the new teacher replacing him is. With Mr Solomon being on the run, Cammie and her friends have to pull out all the stops and since none of the adults are telling them anything , (see adults this is why kids don't tell you everything as you don't answer us with what's really happening.), they are taking matters into their own hands . Things are going to get a little bit messy when their truth serum potion dosage ends up just a tad too much , when they have to sneak around the school - though this has come in handy for them to discover new secret passages.
This semester at Gallagher Girls High , Cammie and her friends must pool all their resources and talents together to solve the crime of a decade - uncovering the secret of the Circle. In order to find out the truth they must spy, hack and steal. When the truth is revealed , will Cammie be the last one standing or will her friends also be on top ?
The Gallagher Girls series have always reminded me of the Movies DOA ( Dead Or Alive) and D.E.B.S with a hint of Man About the House.

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