Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Warrior's Destiny "Red" - Azriel Johnson

Today's Halloween October read presents a creature that I do not normally read about - The Dragon.

                                          Review : A Warrior's Destiny - Red - Azriel Johnson

The story starts off with Aurora giving birth to a baby boy and telling her lover that she cannot see him and he can't have anything to do with her or her son. We are then transported to the first meetings of Aurora and her baby daddy Jonathon and how they first met. Growing up Aurora and her brothers heard tales of the mighty dragons her father slayed and the one that got away. On a visit to the castle, Aurora is drawn to seeking out this dragon and events take a twist and a turn as the dragon turns out to be quite a hottie in his human form. A few years down the track , the boy named John Ross is now five years old and is the constant attraction for teasing and taunting. When reading the story as I'm quite a sensitive person , my heart ached for the poor boy and how he was treated . When then see as his years progress unfortunately the teasing/taunting never stops and we watch John Ross go through love , secret friendships, army training. At his army training he excels as the dragon part of him starts to show. All his life he has been protected by the Red Dragon and he does not know why .... . Watch as John Ross goes to confront the evil dragon King and be ready for a thrilling story unfolds as he discovers his relation to him.
As I said at the beginning , I don't normally read novels with Dragons as it doesn't normally tickle my fancy , but A Warrior's Destiny was one of the few that I really enjoyed.

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