Monday, October 25, 2010

When the Devil Whistles - Rick Acker

Do you follow authors like John Grisham , James Scott Bell , Lisa Scottoline ? Are you a fan of the Legal thrillers that come out in our creative world of authors ? If so , this book brought to you from Abingdon Press is definitely one to add to your list to read .

                                                                     When the Devil Whistles

                             Review : When the Devil Whistles - Rick Acker - October 2010

Every now and again , a book will come out with a really amazing book cover as even though I know we are not supposed to - I tend to be a judge by the cover type girl and I really liked the cover of this book as it gave off a sense of mysteriousness and intensity.
We start off with this book at a company called Deep Blue with one of their ICT people hacking into their computer systems and then flicks to a lawsuit case against Hamilton Contractors whom had been overcharging customers and defrauding the system.
Then after the prologue and first chapter ends we get into the real story of Temp worker and Rock-star Gf Allie Whitman who works as a double-agent of sorts - she is what is called a whistleblower , her job is to get into a business , have access to their financial records and then gather evidence to sue them under the company of "Devil to Pay Inc." . At Devil to Pay Inc. she has lawyer Connor on her side and he presents the cases to the judge and wham bamn , they get paid and Connor has a success rate and Allie gets to live the high life whilst temping - it's a win-win situation.
It was until Allie took a job working under two companies - one convinced the other is frauding their systems and wants to see them go under and will do anything -absolutely anything to ensure that Allie will get them to court including bringing up secrets of Allie and Connor's past.
Soon they both find themselves in hot water fighting battles both in and out of the courtroom to go the lengths to protect their secrets from the outside world finding out.
An underlying theme of ethics in business and the consequence from wrong personal choices move the story forward enriching the perceptions of Acker's characters and the driving force behind Conner's motives and actions as they impact the final climatic explosive outcome of "When the Devil Whistles."
When the Devil Whistles is a novel filled with adventure , legal thrills and intensity and of course rock n roll.

ARC provided from www.netgalley.com

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