Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Captive in the Dark - CJ Roberts

With the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon hitting the world, indie books about the BDSM are becoming popular and today's review is one that I would have to say was one of the better ones I have read and as a reader who reads ALOT, I have delved into this catergory of books.
Review: Captive in the Dark - Book #1 The Dark Duet - CJ Roberts - July 2011
I always find it interesting when other people recommend books to read as you never really know what to expect as so many people have different tastes. Captive in the Dark was one of those books that I had seen all my friends reading and seeing the author post about it, I was intrigued so I brought it. I have had it sitting on my Ipad to read and then last week , someone from the FB group BA that I belong too, wrote how sick and twisted the main character was and how he made her sick to her stomach and then something in that comment pushed me to read it and guess what readers, I found the main character Caleb, to be like a contemporary version of Heathcliff and what Heathcliff would have turned out like if he had been adopted into a family who were into turning girls into slaves. I wonder if it was the obsession factor or the cool, calm, collected romantic streak showing through but as I read Captive in the Dark, all I could think about was Heathcliff and I apologise for those who I might have offended with the statement but to me Caleb was like the modern version of Heathcliff.
Captive in the Dark is a story that surrounds two main characters Caleb and Olivia aka Kitten. Caleb works as a dominant slave master and his colleagues and him kidnap teenage girls to train them and sell them to rich businessmen.  Caleb doing what he's told kidnaps Olivia to train her but soon we discover that Caleb does actually have a hint of emotion and feels something for Olivia.  The novel focuses strongly on their Master/Slave relationship and the punishment side of slavery when the slave does not respect the Master.  If you are one that can't handle this type of novel and find it sick and twisted, then this might not be the book for you as I wondered , that as I have read so many different things and this topic doesn't disturb me - it made me wonder "Have I been desensitised ? "
But anyway, I loved this book and the growing relationship between Caleb and Olivia and look forward to reading Book #2

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