Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: A Want so Wicked - Suzanne Young

Have you read " A Need So Beautiful" by Suzanne Young and loved Charlotte's story ?
Hop over and Pick up the sequel "A Want so Wicked".
Review: A Want So Wicked - Book #2 A Need so Beautiful - Suzanne Young - June 2012
First off, I just have to say I have seen some pretty amazing covers in my time but these two covers for Suzanne Young's series are really amazing and reflect the books so well as they really are darn beautiful.
You know how some sequels, you can read them without reading the first book first as you can catch the gist of the story , well A Want So Wicked is not that type of book. Readers, I would advise you if you haven't read the first one first then don't read A Want so Wicked until you have as you won't understand it. As I was able to pick up bits of the story but as it had been so long since I read the first book it took me a moment to realise what was happening. As we know at the end of the first book Charlotte passed away and everyone who knew her had forgotten , her curse for being Needed and one of the Forgotten. In Book #2 we meet Elise who we learn was Charlotte in her past life. With flashbacks of her old life and current one , Elise thinks she is going nuts until she meets Marceline - a pyschic who helps her discover who she was and what she really is. In Elise's life though, it seems danger is near as there roams a group of bad guys known as Shadows who kill those with the need to become powerful . When Elise meets one in the form of new hot guy Abe, she's not sure what it is that repels her from him but as he starts to show he cares for her - will she let  her guard down and welcome evil into her life ? The second twist is original hot biker Harlin who we saw in Book #1 , he was the guy who Charlotte was dating and her and Harlin fell madly in love. Can Harlin help Elise remember him and her previous life ? Can Harlin keep Elise safe from the shadows ?  What will happen though when Elise discovers that in this lifetime , she is not the only one with the Forgotten gene but someone close to her has it too and is being pulled away to the shadows ?
Find out in Book #2 A Want so Wicked.

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