Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Pretty Crooked - Eliza Ludwig

Do you love the tale of Robin Hood ?
Looking for a female version and a modern rendition ?
Check out the first book in Eliza Ludwig's trilogy .....
Review: Pretty Crooked - Book #1 Pretty Crooked Series - Eliza Ludwig - March 2012
When I saw this book advertised on Amazon in the recommended reads, I was drawn to the cover and thought OMG that looks like something I would like and as I opened up the page of the book on my Kindle, I realised right then and there that I was in for what seemed like a modern rendition of Robin Hood but in this case it was set in Arizona not Nottingham , Robin Hood was in fact a female named Willa and she was not an adult but a high school new girl. The story starts when Willa's mum lands into a windfall and they move into a new town , a dreamhouse and it's Hello Private School for Willa.  Soon Willa is caught up in the image of the "Glitterati" - the popular crowd and her money starts being spent away on new clothes. However, she discovers new clothes - the right clothes can in fact boost ones status. When she discovers that the new 3 scholarship kids are being teased and rejected for being poor, she decides to become a modern Robin Hood and steal from the rich to give to the poor - being steal from the rich students to give to the scholarship kids. With the help of her new friend , we read as Willa learns the skills of a thief. But will it be too long before she is caught or will Willa Fox stay as Sly and hidden away from the rumour mill.
The only thing that annoyed me about this book, was that there is something going on with her mother and we learn that an FBI agent is on the scene - before it got to her side of the story or who the agent really was , it finished on a cliffhanger and at that stage I wasn't sure if there was a sequel or not. Turns out there is but it doesn't get published till next year.

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